Megan Rodgers logo: 'MR' centered in an incomplete circle, with greenery growing out of the circle's broken ends, and a bee and butterfly visiting each.Megan Rodgers

Fortunate Son


Menswear collection inspired by the 50th anniversary of the Kent State May 4th shooting. I was inspired by an image I found in the May 4th Visitors Center of Kent State. It is a photograph of fraternity brothers holding up their draft numbers. You see the faces of young men who were at the mercy of the draft lottery during what would otherwise be an exciting time of their college life.

Graphics were inspired by anti-draft and protest photos. Embroidered with the birthdates of the four students who were killed on May 4th and anti-war black armband. My sheer army jacket design from this collection was chosen to be showcased in the Wearing Justice exhibit at the Kent State Fashion Museum 2019/2020.